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12 September 2020 @ 03:10 pm

This eljay is friends only. ALL MY MERLIN FIC IS NOW DELETED.. Please don't ask for membership to my fic comm or ask for a copy of my Merlin fic.

A Note on Twitter: Sorry, but I won't let you follow me unless we've actually interacted before.

BSG FICCollapse )
08 April 2012 @ 09:41 am
friends cut

haven't been on here a lot, we haven't talked much, etc. etc. etc.

see you around. :)
31 December 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Happy New Year! Long time no post. =)

I made a friends cut. Sorry, dudes, but we just haven't been talking, and I'm mostly on tumblr anyway. See y'all around. ;D

Again, gonna lay it out real simple. Vote for Kono Kalakaua. As the only female on the male-dominated, bromance-driven Hawaii Five-O (sound familiar? heh), Kono miraculously stands a real chance of winning because she's only 40 or so votes behind the lead. SO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE CYLON-TURNED PRO SURFER-TURNED ROOKIE COP. Click and vote click and vote click and vote.

That is all.

Well, besides voting for Gwen in Merlin that is. Do that too. THE QUEEN COMMANDS IT.

01 March 2011 @ 07:45 pm

Look, dudes, I'm going to lay it out to you real simple. So simple that I will let heather lay it out to you, over here.

Vote for Gwen. Right now she is a distant second place behind Merlin. As Lancelot says, she is "all that is good." WHO DOESN'T VOTE FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD? WHO DOESN'T VOTE FOR RAINBOWS, PUPPIES, AND FLUFFY KITTENS? I'll tell you who doesn't vote for that. PEOPLE WITH POOR LIFE CHOICES.

So bow to your queen and vote. Mmmkay?

Be sure to like, actually vote, not just reply to Heather's comment, lmao! Click those ticky boxes.

And while you're at it, do me a service, and vote for Kono Kalakaua in the Hawaii Five-O section (or Chin Ho!), Nina or Annie in Being Human, or Curtis, Kelly, Alisha, or Nikki in Misfits.
09 February 2011 @ 05:39 pm
Do you know where in England to get things notarized (i.e. you go to some official, you sign a document in front of them, they stamp that document certifying that you are indeed the person that you say you are)?

05 February 2011 @ 02:54 pm
I'm doing the het_reccers character manifesto for Gwen.

It asks for recs of all het fic featuring Gwen. I know in my head already what I’ll be reccing for Gwen/Arthur, but anyone have any recs for, say, Gwen/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot (that features them as a main pairing, as opposed to a side pairing to Merlin/Arthur), Gwen/Gwaine, etc.

Got any? ;D
20 January 2011 @ 08:53 pm
F-list cut. Unmanageable f-list, we haven't talked in a while, etc. etc. etc. Take no offense, and I'll be seeing you around. =)
17 January 2011 @ 02:25 pm
I am participating in HelpBrazil2011. My thread is here. For a minimum bid of $5 I will write a Merlin fic, customized to your preferences, of at least 3000 words. I’m willing to write more if you bet more. ;D

Plus, don’t forget about Australia. Consider placing bids at qldfloodauction as well. Or just donating out of the goodness of your heart to the Red Cross or Unicef. Every little bit helps.
12 December 2010 @ 12:48 pm

The Arthur and Gwen Holiday Fest

Accepting prompts for fic, icons, vids, art, and other assorted, holiday-themed goodies now through New Years Eve

Over here, at meowsings.